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Quadehar the Sorcerer
Robin Penmarch is a boy who lives in an island called the lost isle. He is an ordinary boy with ordinary friends, goes to school and plays computer games. But his life takes an extra-ordinary turn when his magical potential is accidently revealed in the presence of Quadehar the sorcerer. Robin becomes Quadehar's apprentice and learns all the tricks of the trade from the sorcerer. But soon, Robin's talents are put to test when he and his friends...
The Mystery of Lord Sha
The Mysteries of Lord Sha by Erik l'homme is the sequel to the first book in his ‘Book of the stars' series. It follows Robin Penmarch, a 13 year old apprentice sorcerer who is especially gifted. He is taught by the sorcerer Quadehar. The Book of the Stars series is set on the lost Isle, a magical land that split of from the real world long ago, falling into a different dimension. On the lost isle there are two doors, one to the real word and one to ...