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Half-Blood Blues
Half-Blood Blues is the story of a group of black musicians trying to record a successful jazz album in the middle of WWII. Sidney "Sid" Griffiths is the main voice in this novel. He is the bassist in the German/African-American jazz band, The Hot-Time Swingers. Other important members include Charles "Chip" Jones on drums and the ever young and talented Hiero (Hieronymus) Falk on horn. Paul, Fritz and Ernst are the other minor and additional characters ...
The Second Life of Samuel Tyne
Esi Edugyan's debut novel, The Second Life of Samuel Tyne, chronicles one man's pursuit of his personal heaven. Fifteen years after his immigration from West Africa to Canada, Samuel Tyne is stagnating in a dead-end government job and foundering as a husband and father. When he inherits his uncle's Alberta mansion in the town of Aster, he moves there over the protests of his wife and twin daughters. Settled by former American slaves who fled to Canada...