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One Writer's Beginnings
Eudora Welty would grow up to become a writer. She won the Pulitzer for the Optimist's Daughter in 1973. In this slim book, she writes of growing up in Mississippi, telling funny stories about her family, especially her eccentric mother, and how she got her start in writing. For a time she will move away, going to college and graduate school, and for a time living in the big city (New York and Chicago). But eventually her father will become ill and...
The Optimist's Daughter
Laurel McKelva Hand leaves her job as a textile designer in Chicago, to go back home to the South when her father calls because he's sick. This book opens with Judge McKelva seeing a doctor with both his daughter and his second wife Fay (Laura's stepmother) because he's having trouble with his vision. When the doctor recommends that he has an operation to fix his retina, Laura and the Judge decide that this is best, over Fay's objections. The operati...