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Ah Wilderness!
Richard Miller a rebellious high school senior is in love with his neighbor Muriel McComber. Her father, unhappy with Richard's wildness, breaks up their relationship. Richard wanders into a bar to drink his troubles away and meets Belle, a town flirt who is a bit older. He gets drunk, tries to fight with a salesman who picks Belle up, and gets thrown out of the bar. His father understanding that the whole business was simply a part of growing up...
Beyond the Horizon
Two brothers, Rob and Andrew Mayo, are in love with the same woman, Andrew's girl Ruth Atkins. Rob, unfit for the farm life of his family, resolves to go to sea on his uncle's ship. Just before he is to leave, he confesses his love to Ruth. She is captivated by Rob's poetic nature, and believes that she is in love with him. As a result Rob stays home and Andrew runs off to sea in his place. Rob and Ruth marry, and he tries to run the farm, but he ...
Desire Under the Elms
Elderly Ephraim Cabot has married a young woman, Abbie Putnam. They live on an isolated farm with his sons. When the play starts the two older sons decide to leave to seek their fortune in California. Unhappy with her old husband, Abbie looks for love with his younger son, Eben. They fall in love, and Abbie looks to find a way to get free of her husband....

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