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Bushwhacked Groom
Love Spell, Nov 2004, 6.99, 370 pp. ISBN: 0505525887 In present day Buckhollow, Colorado Lucky Lamont catches his girlfriend Misti Childers with his best friend Bobby Stringfield in bed together. He shoots up the room and forces the twosome to leave naked. Later, in a remote gorge, Misti's avenging half brother Grover Singleton hogties Lucky, places him inside a coach, and sends it off the edge of a cliff. However, instead of a corpse, he find...
The Bushwhacked Bride
While traveling by stagecoach in present day United States of America, Jessica Garrett is suddenly hurtled back through time and into the clutches of the Reklaw gang. The leader of the gang, Cole Reklaw, likes what he sees and decides to take her home so his dear Ma Reklaw can have some household help. Jessica soon realizes that she has more problems than trying to find a way back to her own time. She is falling and falling fast for the tough, sexy and s...
The Great Baby Caper
Lovespell, 5.99, Dec 2001, 400 pp. ISBN: 0505524619 To say that Bootle's Baby Bower CEO M. Billingham Bootle is a bit of an eccentric is probably an understatement. However, this year at the company's annual meeting in New Orleans, he outdoes even his most famous and wildest capers. He announces his retirement and names the four potential candidates to replace him. Wally Gilchrist, Al Gideon, Gil Getz, and Courtney Kelly will compete for t...