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John Camber is a mid-thirties man working as a clerk in a design office in NYC. He lives a quiet life with his wife Alice and their daughter Polly. One evening, as he heads back home, John is shoved by an old man named Shalkmann who, the next minute, seems horrified by something he sees in the crowd, falls on the tracks and is run over by a train. From this moment on, the Camber's life changes drastically because Shalkmann, before dying, managed to sl...
Al Brody is a press agent who's just lost his most important client, the Senator Ronald Bellman, who considers that Al isn't exactly the type of partner he wants for his coming presidential campaign. On the same day, Al receives a strange phone call from Andy Capestone, a man claiming he was at Harvard with him and begging Al to come to visit him. When Al Brody arrives at Andy's appartment, he finds there a dying man who tells him he called him because h...
Penelope Hastings, a member of the NYC bourgeoisie, is married to a wealthy banker and sees her psychiatrist five days a week. Everyone, except for her doctor, thinks she is a silly woman who's only interested in expensive clothes and in makeup products. In reality, Penelope is a very clever person who, for two years now, has had a great time stealing the jewels of her wealthy friends. She doesn't steal for the money but for the fun of it. Now Penelope h...
Detective Sgt. Masao Masuto of the Beverly Hills Police Force must investigate the death of his friend, the Hollywood producer Al Greenberg. Al seems to have undergone a simple cardiac arrest but one of the guests present that evening swears that he heard the voice of a woman in Al's sleeping room at the moment of his death. Masuto will question the nine guests and finally learn that Al's death may be related to an event that happened eleven years before...

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