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Seek a New Dawn
The downtrodden Emily lives at home with her tyrannical widowed father, the Reverend Arthur Boyce, parson of St Cleer, Cornwall, and his housekeeper, Maude Rowe. Her sister Caroline was lucky enough to get married in time to escape from such an existence. When Emily falls in love with Sam Hooper, a copper miner on Bodmin Moor, her father says he is not good enough for her and ensures that Sam goes on the next ship to Australia, looking for a better lif...
Somewhere a Bird is Singing
Sally Harrup, an orphan of 17, lives in the Plymouth dockside slums with her sister Ruth. They can barely remember their mother and never knew who their father was. Ruth supports them both by working as a prostitute till she became too ill. Sally gets a job with a local bakery, is befriended by her employers Grace and Alfie Philpott, by fisherman Ethan Shields and his family, and by Captain Eva Cassington, who runs the local Salvation Army refuge and is ...