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Crushing Crystal
Kensington, Nov 2004, 22.00, 256 pp. ISBN 0758202288 Literary agent Jane Stuart works and lives in Shady Hills, New Jersey and is glad to be away from the crime and troubles of New York City. She has a wonderful nanny Florence for her eleven year old son Nicholas; because of her friendship with Florence she allows her nanny's sister Crystal Ryerson to stay at her home for two weeks. When they move Crystal into her new home, Jane is thrilled to ...
Icing Ivy
Kensington, Nov 2002, 22.00, 223pp. ISBN:0758202245 Jane and Ivy were roommates in college as well as best friends. When Jane needed a nanny, she employed Ivy's daughter Marlene. When Marlene died, through no fault of Jane's, the friendship was broken until two years later when Ivy visited accompanied by her boyfriend Johnny. When Ivy lets it slip that she has no place to go for the holidays, Jane invites her former best friend to spend them...
Toasting Tina
Kensington, Oct 2003, 32.00, 218 pp. ISBN 075820261 The new publisher and editor of Corsair Books has notified literary agent Jane Stuart that she intends to cancel the house's contract with her client Nathaniel Barre. When Jane insists on a face-to-face meeting with Tina Vale to discuss the contract, Nate insists on being there. To the shock of the agent and the writer they learn that Tina has never even read the book but is paying Jane back f...