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Dangerous Dilemmas
Sonnet, Jun 2001, 12.95 ISBN: 067104222X Near Lake Wright Pattman, Texas, after approximately a quarter of a century of marriage and two children, Audrey Williams catches her spouse Sam cheating. Perhaps she could have handled it better if the other party was a younger, taller, blonder sex goddess, but Sam's boudoir mate is his older legal partner, Paul, leaving Audrey to wonder how long has this been going on? The marriage is over and Audr...
Everything in Its Place
Scribner, Aug 2002, 13.00, 244 pp. ISBN: 0671042246 In Austin, Texas, school principal Bobbie Strickland is a single mother who raised her twin children and for almost a decade her granddaughter, Monika “Monee” Strickland. Her daughter Darlene gave birth to the child when she was sixteen but never revealed the father's identity. Over the next few years, Darlene became a junkie. Now Darlene wants her daughter back, but Bobbie does not trust her...