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A.K.A. Goddess
Magdalene Sanger has been hearing tales of godesses and female empowerment since she was a child. The females in her family come from an ancient line of women known as the Grail Keepers, who protect ancient chalices belonging to former godesses. These chalices are known to have enlightening powers for females, and are therefore feared by many men. Maggi is a professor of mythology, and as a result of this she studies many of the mythical godesses who ow...
Beneath the Surface
Mary and Guy were childhood best friends. Then an accident claimed the lives of her brother and his cousin, and Guy's family moved away. Years later, both are scarred by the tragedy: Mary is terrified of death, and Guy is unable to make any kind of commitment in his life. The body of Guy's cousin has been found, and Guy has come back to town to help his family. Mary, now a witch and a massage therspist, meets Guy for the first time in years. A ten...
Waiting for the Wolf Moon
Sylvie Peabody, bookstore owner and witch, meets Rand Garner, who runs his own haunted house. Although she is attracted to him, Sylvie has been burned in the past by her ex-fiancee, who was a drug addict. Her suspicions are heightened because Rand, although engaging and funny, seems to be hiding something. Sylvie and her circle of fellow witches are investigating a mysterious death in their small Louisiana town. The evidence seems to point to a wer...