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A Handful of Dust
The mild-mannered Tony Last lives in Hetton Abbey, a large English Victorian-Gothic house. His wife Brenda is bored by their quiet but unexciting life together in the country, and has discovered a more glitzy social life in London. He does not understand that their relationship is on the rocks, that they have grown apart and she is more in tune with contemporary life than he is. Behind his back, she has set herself up in a London flat where she spends mo...
Brideshead Revisited
During World War II, Charles Ryder is stationed near the dilapidated Brideshead, the former home of Lord and Lady Marchmain and their broken family, the Flytes. Much of Charles's life, from his days at Oxford through the end of his first marriage, was closely interwoven with that of the Flytes. Revisiting Brideshead leads him to recall that strange weaving, beginning with his questionably homosexual relationship with the young Sebastian Flyte through h...
Decline and Fall
While studying at Oxford University, Paul Pennyfeather is set on by members of the Bollinger Club, who set on him, remove his clothes and force him to run naked around the university campus. Expelled for indecent behaviour, he looks for a job as a schoolmaster and finds one at Llanabba Castle School, Wales, where he is one of a bunch of misfits who probably drifted into teaching by accident just as he did. The students are irritating, and some of the sta...