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Dead Ringer 2
Sammy Ito is a Marine Sgt. on duty in the Caribbean--he is a sniper and has been sent to eliminate drug cartel leaders. He is half Japanese--his mother's ancestry is Swedish. He kidnapps the cartel leader and the leader's neice only to discover he has the wrong girl, she is an American citizen from New Jersey--visiting her uncle. She does not know he is a drug cartel leader. Sammy and his fellow marines make a run for the mountains near the Brazilian ...
Escape Along the Oregon Trail
A young girl is captured by a Cheyenne in the 1840s and held captive until she escapes around age 18 -- tells of some of her life with the Indians and how she planned her escape. There is romance later. She is helped by a soldier after her escape. They take the Oregon Trail and build a ranch after he returns from the Civil War. She is tracked by the Cheyenne warrior who was to be her husband, to Oregon Country--she hides and kills him when he tries ...
Not Necessarily Murder
The former Navy officer,medically discharged, has closed a million dollar real estate deal in California and is flying home to New York. He opens the door of his flat and finds his wife and friend in bed--he is furious--almost insane. He wakes up on the bedroom floor. He gets up and sees his wife and friend impaled on the bed--a World War II M-1 Garand with bayonet has been thrust through both--he can tell they are dead-no pulse and cold. He had no idea ...