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Tender is the Night
Dick and Nicole Diver live pleasant, idyllic lives on the French Riviera as American expatriates. Rosemary Hoyt, a young rising actress joins them for the summer, falling "in love" with the Divers and their way of life. Piningly attached to Dick, Rosemary coaxes Dick into a casual affair, then seperates from the couple as she witnesses Nicole in a state of mental illness. The next part dives back into time, explaining the Divers' history; Dick was a p...
The Great Gatsby
Jay Gatsby is a rich man living on Long Island in 1922. He is in love with a lady named Daisy who is inconveniently married to another man named Tom. He spends most of the book throwing parties and chasing after her. She has an affair with him but then goes back to Tom. Gatsby then manages to get shot in his own swimming pool. This is a classic story of two themes, the first, unrequited love. Gatsby has strong feelings for Daisy but never, no matter ho...
This Side of Paradise
I think of this book as the precursor to Catcher in the Rye. It's not an oustanding, extraordinary book (unless you're a huge Fitzgerald fan, like me), but is still a great meditation. Amory Blaine is the central character in this book, and his life is closely based on Fitzgerald, right down to his almost alma mater, Princeton. Fitzgerald wrote this book rather quickly, basing some of his styles on what he had heard about James Joyce's Ulysses (not ye...