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Blade's Lady
Anna Tarrant is hiding from her step-father who for seven years, in order to keep herself safe from his many attempts to try to kill her in order to gain her inheritance. Since she was a child, whenever Anna was in danger she reached out to her "knight", a fantasy in her mind-or so she thought. When her step-father's hired assasin finds her and Anna is badly injured, she 'calls' out one more time to her fantasy hero . . . Ever since he was a teen-a...
Heart of Midnight
SAS agent Gray Lombard was once very much in love with Samantha Munro, but when his brother and sister-in-law were murdered by his enemy, and Sam's life was put at risk, Gray leaves her without a word. Years later, Sam is the manager of a small dilapidated hotel which is being bought by the Lombard family who owns a string of hotels, bringing Gray back into her life, and the danger which he was hoping to save her from. The question now is, can Gray...