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Lady of the Butterflies
Lady of the Butterflies is a tale of Eleanor Glanville learning about love and loyalty through the life changes of a butterfly. At the heart of the story is the life of Eleanor Glanville and the distinctly contrasting men that come in and out of her life as she grows from a young girl into an experienced woman. It all starts with meeting Eleanor in her childhood living at Tickenham Court, a mansion in the midst of an English moor, with her father, a Puri...
Pale as the Dead
Dunne, Jul 2004, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312323239 On a photo shoot in the Cotswold, model Bethany Marshall hires genealogist Natasha Blake to research her family tree. At that initial consultation, Bethany animatedly discusses Pre-Raphaelite model, artist, and wife of Dante, Lizzie Siddal. Also at that consultation, Natasha meets the photographer Adam Mason, who is working on an exhibition to emulate the style of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. He as...