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The Golden Sword - Branion Series 4
Dew, August 2001, 6.99, 432 pp. ISBN 0886779219 Camden DeKatherine never questioned his role in his family's empire as everyone served the Flame including him. That belief ended on his twelfth birthday when his father died. His older brother, Alec, now the Duke, shut him out and Cam felt like a stranger in his own home. He found comfort in the Wind who called to him and realized he was that Aspect's Chosen. Cam's Uncle Celestus saw t...
The Stone Prince - Branion 1
The Stone Prince is the story of Prince Demnor and his Companion, Kelahnus. Demnor has been taught by his mother that only flawed vessels show emotion and have feelings for others. And flawed vessels crack under pressure. When he was sixteen, Demnor fell in love with Kelahnus, but they were separated by his mother's command. Demnor eventually wins Kelahnus back, but then he is forced into marriage with the Duke Isolde. Despite Demnor's affection for his ...