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Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady
The acerbic journalist/literary critic, author of _Southern Ladies and Gentleman_, _Wasp, Where Is Thy Sting?_ and _When Sisterhood Was in Flower_, tells the story of her first 25 years. A tenth-generation Virginian who grew up in and around the District of Columbia, she details the Southern obsession with femininity and lady-hood (though her father was an English-born bartender-musician and reader of books, and her mother a salty baseball lover). She al...
Southern Ladies and Gentlemen
In her first book (1975), sharp-tongued and witty journalist Florence King provides an anthropological portrait of all the various types of Southern males and females. From Debutantes, Dowagers, and Dear Old Things to all the different kinds of Good Old Boys, King explains their crazy motivations and behaviors. The fascination Southern women have for one another's plumbing, and the critical importance of wedding announcements are also dissected in this b...
When Sisterhood Was in Flower
Isobel Fairfax, a traditional conservative, has left her Deep South family home to "gather experience" for her intended career as a writer. She heads up north to Boston, where she observes (but cannot get involved in or even understand) the activism and hedonism of the late '60s with some amusement - until one day the wall dividing her apartment from her next-door neighbor's comes down and Isobel finds herself rooming with the world's most liberal femin...