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Dangerous Angels
This is the story of a young girl and her family/friends, her quest for life and finding herself in the world where she doesn't seem to belong and there is so much hate. This is a lyrical fantasy mixed with reality and it is a must have for anyone who is looking for themself....
In Elysia, youth is prized above all. It is a city of appearances, of beauty and false fronts, of circuses and dances, of sugared cakes and liqueurs. As people begin to show signs of age, they travel down, underground, to “Under” the hidden city where the “old ones” go to die. The celebrated band, Ecstasia, composed of Calliope (keyboard), her brother Rafe (drums), her lover Dionisio (bass) and Paulo (lead guitar and singer/songwriter), live and play ...
I Was a Teenage Fairy
A girl with a fairy for a friend pursues a modeling career....
Weetzie Bat
Weetzie Bat, Dirk, Duck, and My Secret Agent Lover Man discuss life, children, love and death in this post-modern urban fairy tale....

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