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The Long Night of White Chickens
Roger is a young man in search of the murderer of his beloved friend, Flor, which carries him from suburban New Jersey into the world of Central American politics and society. Flor came from Guatemala as a teenager to work as a maid in the home of Roger, then a toddler. She returned to her homeland after college to run an orphanage and was murdered there. Roger travels to Guatemala to find her murderer where he is reunited with Moya, a Guatemalan jour...
The Ordinary Seaman
Esteban, a former Sandanista guerilla, decides to start a new life and leaves Nicaragua after being hired on as an ordinary seaman to work on the ship, Urus, harbored in Brooklyn. Fourteen other Central Americans do the same and they find themselves held hostage there by their lack of citizenship and the illegal actions of the ship owners who do not pay them. Esteban decides to leave the ship and investigate the USA. ...