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The scenes, feelings, emotions were all very descriptive and the events were described with great interest. Once I started reading 'Tis, I could not stop reading until the end....
Angela's Ashes
The narrator, Frank McCourt is born in Brooklyn but returns to Limerick, Ireland at the early age of four with his brother Malachy and his parents, torned apart by the death of their baby daughter, Margaret. Their father never keeps a job longer then a few weeks for he "has the desease " of drinking, as the author himself describes it. He is not able to support and provide for his family. They are forced to return to Ireland where they live in di...
Teacher Man
Frank McCourt writes about his experiences as a High School teacher over the space of 30 years as well as one very humbling year teaching at a Community College. He also writes about his failed attempts at obtaining a Ph.D., a degree he had hoped to receive in order to ascend to the ranks of college professors instead of trying to find creative ways to motivate largely disinterested and hormonally challenged High School students day in, day out, year in,...