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Hangman's Curse
A family of Christian investigators seek the truths behind the myth of a ghost haunting a high school. The children, twin brother and sister, enroll in the school and befreind many different people, gathering clues and truths. Meanwhile, several teens go crazy and eventually die from a mysterious illness supposed to be related to the ghost. The teens and their parents do find out the real culprit, but only after a few false ideas and a few deaths. ...
Nightmare Academy - Veritas Project 2
The Springfield family has another strange mystery assigned to then from the government. A boy was found. All he knew and saw was endless terror. After a fair amount of research, the Springfields find out that the boy they found used to go to Knight-Moore Academy. Elisha and Elijah Springfield, twins in the family, attend Knight-Moore Academy, looking for answers on the boy's condition. There were field for sports, swimming poopls, game rooms, perso...
The tale begins when Kathleen finds a small grave that holds only one date and an eerie familiarity to her. She has to know who this “Tilly” was. Shortly after she manages to fall into a restless slumber, she awakes to discover hundreds of children in her backyard. Meanwhile her husband is trying desperately to discover everything he can about this “Tilly”. Both Kathleen and Dan learn that God can forgive any mistake....