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Nash, Metropolitan
Five Stars, Oct 2004, 25.95, 236 pp. ISBN: 1594142467 Lizzie dumps Nash Hansen by phone. Upset, the Chicago Daily reporter agrees with his fellow unattached peer Jerry Povaric that women stink. When he shoots up Lizzie's gifts and other paraphernalia Nash accidentally injures a squirrel. Feeling guilty, he takes the injured animal to a vet where he meets Dr. Sam and asks her out on a date. Reluctantly Samantha Parker agrees. Nash is report...
Nash, Rambler
Five Star, Feb 2003, 25.95, 211 pp. ISBN: 0786250348 Northwestern University journalist major Nashua Hansen obtains an internship at the San Bernardino Ledger. At the beginning of his drive west at the Evanston on ramp, he provides a ride to biker Homer, whose bike went up in flames. In San Bernardino, Nash meets waitress Wendy at a Denny's. They go to a drive in movie where Nash happens upon his first story, a bear trap near the concession st...