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A Taste of Blood Wine
Meisha Merlin, Feb 2002, 16.00, 515 pp. ISBN: 1892065487 Five years have passed since Kristian, self proclaimed ruler of the vampires, allowed rebellious Karl van Wultendorf to go his own foolish way. Now he demands his subordinate return to his castle overlooking the Rhine to genuflect to his creator. Karl knows he must adhere to the summons, but remains defiant refusing to worship Kristian, as he will visit on his time not his “master's” sch...
The Amber Citadel - Jewelfire Trilogy 1
Over two hundred years ago, humans defeated the shape-shifting Bhahdradomen, or so they thought. Exiled, but not extinct, their hatred for the humans lives on and they conspire once again to cause trouble. And what of the third race, the Aelyr? Are they really as peaceable as the humans think they are? It is up to Tanthe and to find out, after her small village is attacked by the Bhahradomen, Tanthe's sister Ysomir is captured and she must make an ...
The Sapphire Throne - Jewelfire Trilogy 2
Book Two of the Jewel Fire Trilogy. Following on from events in book one "The Amber Citadel", Tanthe has disappeared, and ends up in the hands of the Aeylr, a supposedly peaceable race. But what exactly is it they want from her? The war with the Bhadrodamen appears to be over, or so they think, but their ancient ememies do not take defeat lightly and soon their true purpose becomes clear - complete domination....