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This science fiction novel won the Hugo, Nebula and other awards and spawned a series: the Heechee Saga. Poor miner Robinette "Bob" Broadhead wins the lottery and uses the money for a one-way ticket to Gateway. When a hollowed-out asteroid was discovered, it was found to hold nearly a thousand small spaceships and other artifacts left behind by the long-gone alien Heechee. Despite their advanced age, most of the ships are functional. They come in thre...
The Voices of Heaven
There are no studly, over-muscled do-gooders in this book fighting hordes of aliens or saving defenseless Baywatchesque females. The hero is a nice guy with a bit of a psychological problem and some 'real-life' problems as well. The situation, while futuristic (a space colony complete with a friendly alien race) is extremely matter of fact. This makes it a bit slow (and downright boring at times) but very 'immersive'. The main character was fleshed o...
The book begins after the initial invasion has already ended, a few generations ago. A whole moving planet approached Earth from outer space, and after a few days, astronomers began to notice a strange shifting in stars - the alien planet was kidnapping Earth! After hundreds of years, the 1 percent of the population, the survivors of the cooling Earth that gets farther and farther from the sun try to live their lives in hopes that the aliens would again ...