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Conjure Wife
Norman Saylor is unconvinced by his wife, Tansy, that her secret conjurings are consistent with their small-town college environment, and that his success to date, has not been entirely due to his endeavours. At first, as Norman had insisted, nothing seems to change, but as Tansy had hitherto believed the Saylors fall prey to supernatural powers. First of all, Norman's moral conduct is questioned by some of his colleagues in an attempt to discredit him, ...
Ill Met in Lankhmar
Lankhmar, the marsh-bound city of the seven smokes, and the black toga, is the meeting place for the second time for Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, who the first time around merely spied each other from afar, but had a feeling their destinies were to be entwined. And so, under cover of darkness and in the swirling lankmarian fog they join forces to attack and rob a gang of thieves from the Thieves' Guild. A simple mater for the sword adept twain, but one th...
Our Lady of Darkness
A writer, Franz Westen, falls prey to a curse put upon another - Clark Ashton Smith - by the long dead founder of Megapolisomancy, Thibaut de Castries. This is the consequence of three chance happenings: (1) Buying a second-hand book inside of which Thibaut de Castries has secreted a text between lightly gummed together pages. (2) Residing at 607 Rhodes, a room in an apartment building that had been lived in by Thibaut de Castries and frequented by Clark...
The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich
On receipt of a letter from an old college friend, John Ellis, the writer George Kramer travels to a small Californian town, where he is confronted by strange happenings. These are the result of another of his old college friends, Daniel Kesserich, who has discovered a way to use an anomaly of collapsing magnetic fields to move in the super-time of the fifth dimension, and thus the time of the fourth dimension. Normally this activity has no consequences ...

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The Wanderer
Suddenly, out of hyperspace, a planet sized space-warship appears and orbits the Earth as if it were a gigantic new moon. The moon disintegrates under the gravitational strain and the debris is consumed by the space-warship for fuel. On Earth the tides rise and fall disastrously, killing huge numbers of people. The space-warship's inhabitants try to alleviate the problem on Earth through the use of their advanced technology, and a speedy refuelling proce...

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