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About a Dragon
During times of war, magical beings and gods, an arrogant dragon and a witch find themselves thrown together, and ultimately falling for each other. Talaith, daughter of Haldane and a Nolwenn witch of the Alsandair desert lands, hates her life. For the past sixteen years she has been trapped in a loveless marriage to a pig of a man, and living in the Dark Plains, a land that's an ocean away from her own. She fully expects to continue her miserable existe...
Dragon Actually
An unlikely passion develops between a rage-filled warrior who lays dying on the field of battle and the fearsome dragon that saves her. Fearghus the Destroyer, son of the powerful dragon queen Rhiannon and eldest of her six hatchlings, likes his solitude. When he's not off defending his mother's reign, Fearghus prefers to spend his free alone in his den, deep in the Dark Glen forest. Like most of dragonkind, he detests other beings – especially humans –...
What a Dragon Should Know
During times of war, separate lands and races, an arrogant dragon finds love and passion in a tiny female her countryman call...The Beast. Gwenvael the Gold, also known as Gwenvael the Handsome to most females, is a dragon in the prime of his life. As the third-born son of the Dragon Queen, Gwenvael has earned himself quite the reputation in both the human and dragon world as a purveyor of all things beautiful…especially women. Most of his friends and fa...