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Ella Enchanted
Ella is a girl with a very unusual gift, the gift of obedience, given to her by the fairy Lucinda at her birth. Ella must do whatever she is told which becomes very difficult when she is shipped off to Finishing School with her evil step sisters. This is where Hattie gets Ella to be her slave. Ella soon befriends Char, prince of the kingdom, and finds herself falling in love. Strong and determined Ella goes out to find Lucinda, the fairy, so Lucinda can...
Abandoned as an infant, Aza lives with her adoptive family at the inn they run in the kingdom of Ayortha. Considered ugly, with her pale complexion, blood red lips, black hair, and large frame, the taunting and gawking of the inn patrons causes Aza to shy away from others and feel self-concious. Her only reprieve comes from singing - in a land where song is an integral part of society, Aza's voice is an undeniable gift. When tending to a guest room one d...
The Two Princesses of Bamarre
Sixteen-year-old Addie and her sister Meryl are the two daughters of the king of Bamarre, a magical kingdom. Years ago, they lost their mother to the Gray Death, a horrible disease that strikes suddenly and with no hope of recovery. Now brave, adventurous Meryl hopes to grow up to have great adventures and, most especially, to find a cure for the Gray Death. Unlike her older sister, shy Addie is timid and afraid. Yet it is Meryl who falls ill with the G...
The Wish
Wilma, an unpopular kid at Claverford, gives an old lady her seat on the subway; the old lady turns out to be a fairy and gives Wilma one wish. Wilma wishes to be the most popular kid at Claverford, gets her wish, and is loving being popular, she has friends, everyone loves her, and she even has a boyfriend for the first time in her life. Then she remembers that she graduates from Claverford in two or three weeks! Will Wilma stay popular at high school o...

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