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Blue Mountain Detour
Nathan Henderson hoped to enjoy a quiet vacation with his family in Virgina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Instead, encountering a false detour, they are deliberately misdirected into the hands of a family of sadistic hillbillies. Freed by a gang of bikers, Nathan and his family are hunted by the hillbillies. Meanwhile, the state police hunt everyone. By the time the story ends, Nathan has redeemed his past sins as a Green Beret in Vietnam, but not until hi...
The Madhouse
Emily Coldwater was two years old when her mother disappeared. Now, ten years later, her dormant psychic powers have become active. The gabulous estate that her family constructed and has maintained for generations was built using blood money. The mansion, Emily learns, is not only alive, but it also has fed on the negative emotions of her ancestors, fattening on murder, greed, lust, and many other negative emotions. Now, as the house seeks vengeance...