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This book is about contemporary London seen through the eyes of Jas who has joined the the elite company of "rudeboys" Hardjit, a bodybuilder, Ravi,a sexual braggart, and a Hindu nationalist, Amit. The four nineteen-year-olds, supposedly studying for their entrance exams into University, ride around in a Beamer, a souped -up car, and ogle "fit" girls. Their rough behavior contrasts with their respect for family traditions. They are cowed by their m...
Jas falls in love with an Indian Muslim girl and gets involved with criminals. Jas is a teenager who has to re-take his exams in order to graduate from high school but whose friends influence him to put more energy into running a scam than into studying. He lives in Hounslow Heath, the part of London near Heathrow airport, where most of the people are of South Asian descent, and most of his friends have graduated from high school, but he and three frien...