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Exiles' Return - The Ghatti's Tale 3
Doyce is pregnant, and is assigned the light duty of writing a book on the 200 history of the Seekers Veritas. Khar'pern, her bondmate ghatta (large cat with telekinesis) also becomes pregnant later in the novel. Jenret is being trained as a Resonant. And throughout Canderis, a group is springing up called the Reapers who have the goal of obliterating all Resonants, or Gleaners from Canderis. There is a woman named Hylan who is very mentally ill and ...
Ghatti's Tale: Finders-Seekers
On the planet of Methuen, Seekers-Veratis and their ghatti bondmates are finders of truth. For Seeker Doyce Marbon and her bondmate Khar'pern, searching out truth is not only part of their career, but now part of their survival. Seekers and their bondmates are being murdered by an unknown society, their brains stolen. While searching for the cult behind the murders, Doyce is searching within herself to overcome her past. With Khar'pern by her side, Doyc...
Mind-Speakers' Call - The Ghatti's Tale 2
After battling the Gleaners in the first book (Finders-Seekers), Doyce has shut her mind to Khar. Khar opens her back up, and to help them heal, askd Swan to allow them to go on a diplomatic mission to the neighboring country of Marchmont about trade relations. Doyce inadvertantly becomes the envoy of the mission and has to deal with the strange goings on in the Marchmont's monarcy-- including something about "Gleaners"!...
The Ghatti's Tale - Finders-Seekers 1
The Ghatti's Tale Book 1 takes place on a planet where humans were stranded over two hundred years before. When technology failed, they created their own society. Two main organizations in this society are the Eumedicos, who are the healers, and the unique group called the Seekers Veritas. These are a bonded pair. One human, one ghatti, a native breed of telepathic giant cats. This story involves Doyce, a thirty something woman, who lost her family tra...

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