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Anne's Perfect Husband
Major Ian Sinclair returns to England from fighting Napoleon with a piece of shrapnel in his chest which could kill him at any time. He is surprised to learn he is the guardian of Anne, the daughter of one of his officers. He is even more surprised to discover she is almost 20 years old. At the bullying of the headmistress of Anne's school, Ian plans to give her a season in London. On the way to Ian's estate, Anne rescues him from highwaymen by hit...
Wednesday's Child
HQN, Apr 2005, 5.99 ISBN: 0373770391 In Johnson County, Mississippi, Sheriff Adams informs Mrs. Richard Kaiser that her spouse died in a car accident apparently several years ago when his vehicle went off the road into the Escatawpa River. The SUV with the body inside was only just discovered. Mrs. Kaiser is stunned, but does not tell the sheriff that she divorced Richard almost seven years ago when he vanished with their child Emily. Using he...