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Awaken Me Darkly
Mia Snow is a crack agent for the Alien Investigation and Removal Agency (AIR) in New Chicago. More than a dozen types of aliens have lived on Earth for about 70 years when this story starts. As an AIR agent she is charged with hunting down and if necessary terminating those aliens that don't follow the rules. Suddenly there are a string of murders by one of the Arcadians, the most vicious of the aliens on Earth. All of the men who are killed are youn...
Seduce the Darkness
An unlikely passion is ignited between a vampire and the ruler of an alien planet when their paths cross on a busy New Chicago street. Devyn is used to getting whatever he wants, from fast cars to every woman he grants a dazzling smile. As the King of the planet Targonia he's been blessed with power, wealth and incredible looks...not to mention his fighting prowess. Though Devyn lives on Earth, some 70 years after the mass immigration of various alien sp...
The Pleasure Slave
HQN, Feb 2005, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0373770324 In Imperia, the Priestess of Druinn, Zirra, demands that mortal warrior Tristan ar Malik mate with her or else; he refuses and insists he must leave because the Great Lord Challann wants to discuss the rebellion in Gillorad. Angry, Zirra breaks the alliance between sorcerers and humans by casting a spell on Tristan that makes him her pleasure slave living inside a jewelry box unless she calls him. ...