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Quantico Rules
St. Martin's Jul 2003, 24.95, 330 pp. ISBN: 031231051X The FBI Special Inquiries Squad (SPIN) conducts the usual thorough background check on a presidential nominee, Judge Brenda Thompson, the first African-American woman nominated to the Supreme Court. Hooverite Kevin Finnerty tells his subordinate SPIN chief Puller Monk to provide the report yesterday. Though unfair, Puller figures this is such a straightforward case, he plans to go a Connect...
St. Martin's, Mar 2005, 22.95 ISBN: 0312310536 In 1992 Paris, sixteen year old Samantha Williamson of Asian descent watches Americans kill her adopted parents. North Korans “adopt” her following the tragedy insisting she is one of them and renaming her Sung Kim. They train and brainwash her to be the ultimate spy-terrorist causing havoc in the United States. NSA Director Philip Carter learns that an Asiatic woman stole the Madonna, valued at...