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Latro in the Mist
Tor, Mar 2003, 17.95, 704 pp. ISBN: 0765302942 “Soldier of the Mist”. In 479 BC, Latro a Roman mercenary receives a devastating head injury during battle. The consequences of his wound are loss of short-term memory as his brain erases recent events just over twelve hours old. Latro also appears to have gained the ability to talk with invisible beings, other strange creatures, and the dead. To keep track of all he has done and confronts, Latro...
The Book of New Sun
Severian is a toturer in a post-nuclear society with a dying sun. There was a Conciliator in the past who was able to perform all sorts of magical wonders and powers. The Conciliator has returned in the form of Severian,yet he does not know he is the Savior of Urth (the world of Earth). He is cast from the guild of the torturers after giving his lover, Thecla, a knife to kill herself. He is given a sword named Terminus Est (End of Division) and is given ...
The Knight
Tor, Jan 2005, 14.95, 432 pp. ISBN: 0765313480 Ben steps into a world called Mythgarthr where he meets Disiri, the elf Queen of the Wood, who looks into his heart finding honor and loyalty. She magically changes the lad into an adult knight dubbed Able of the High Heart and provides him with a quest to obtain the mythical sword possessed and guarded by a ferocious dragon. However, to sprinkle someone with power and skill and change them into so...
The Wizard
The Wizard picks up where the book The Knight leaves off. Recently knighted Sir Able has helped lead a diplomatic mission to the kingdom of the Angrborn, the land of Frost Giants. Duke Beel and his daughter, Lady Idnn lead this mission, a small army, to secure peace with the Frost Giants. Following the mysterious assisination of the Frost Giant King, Sir Able, Duke Beel, Idnn and the small army try to escape the giants' kingdom. Having aquired magical...

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There Are Doors
Orb, Oct 2001, 14.95, 313 pp. ISBN: 0312872305 He spent last evening in bliss, but in the morning, headache and all, her note saying she loved him, but had to go back stuns him. Taking aspirin, salesman Mr. Green searches for his beloved, but Lara Morgan seems to have vanished. He knows very little about her, but realizes she left clues such as her confusion over recent modern appliances like icemakers and mentioned something about doors. ...

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