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But Beautiful
_But Beautiful_ is subtitled "a book about jazz." British writer Dyer concocts intimate portraits of seven famous American jazz musicians -- Lester Young, Thelonius Monk, Bud Powell, Ben Webster, Charlie Mingus, Chet Baker, and Art Pepper -- in the form of short story/slices of their lives, some based on real events, some made up, in a sort of verbal improvisation. The role of racism, violence, women, sex, and drugs is wrapped around these men's lives, a...
Paris Trance
This book is about a writer in Paris who is supposed to be working on his novel and is instead having an affair, exploring the city of lights, philosophizing and excusing himself for not writing the novel -- until you realize that the book you've been reading is that novel and also his life ... and if you're lucky, yours too....
The Search
Walker meets Rachel at a rich party in the Bay. Two days later she appears at his house and asks him to track down her missing ex-husband Malory who she needs to sign some legal papers. Walker is unemployed and at a loose end so he agrees even though tracking is illegal. Walker then sets out on an odyssey moving from strange city to city moving by intuition always one step behind Malory. Walker is also being followed by the thug Carver and two of...