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Adam Bede
George Eliot always manages to paint a picture of nineteenth-century England that is both accurate and enlightening. Adam Bede is an industrious carpenter who supports his widowed mother, helps his Methodist brother and courts Hetty, a local dairy maid. Unfortunately Hetty is seduced by a young man above her class and when she becomes pregnant she is on her own. She runs away and struggles through the following months until the baby is born and the re...
Dorothea Brooke is an idealistic young woman who recognizes that her purpose in life is to marry, and she naively believes that her dearest wish is to wed an intelligent, purposeful man and become his companion, supporter, student and adorer. Her younger sister, Cecilia, recognizes that Dorothea is fooling herself when she decides to marry Causubon, an older man who has devoted his life to scholarly study; his ambition is to be recognized for his genius ...
This tale is set in Italy and follows the life of Romola, a gentlewoman whose father is a scholar. Romola's husband Tito is thoughtless and selfish, betryaing the man who adopted him and Romola as well - he has an affair with a simple lass who bears him two children. Romola is inclined to leave him, but due to the intervention of Savonarola, she sees it as her religious duty to stay, and eventually takes care of Tito's children....
Silas Marner
Eccentric miser and weaver Silas marner has his gold stolen, and then a blond little girl is left on his doorstep. Silas raises the girl as his own but many years pass before her true identity is revealled - she is the illegitimate daughter of a local gentleman, and he later decides that he wishes to adopt her when he finds that his wife cannot bear him a child. Eppie, the girl redeems Silas from his isolated, friendless and bitter state and helps him to...

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The Mill On The Floss
The Mill on the Floss is a story about a brother and a sister growing up in England in a small village. The brother's name is Tom whose younger sister is named Maggie. Their family owns a mill on a floss, which has been in the family for generations past. Their father loses a lawsuit to a neighbor who has a crippled, but pleasant son. In order to pay for the money that the father lost, he must give the mill to the lawyer. The father soon is on his deat...

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