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At The Back of the North Wind
Set in London around 1900, the young boy Diamond has to learn to drive Diamond the horse, which pulls his father's cab. The family is very poor and sometimes starving, and he sleeps over the stables where the horses are kept, but he is such a happy child that folks call him 'God's Baby'. And he is no ordinary boy: one night he is visited in his bedroom by North Wind, who is a beautiful woman, a breeze, or a storm, as she chooses. He discovers that she pl...
Mr. Vane has just graduated from Oxford University, and has just inherited the family fortune and his father's residence which has been in his family for many centuries. But certain memories or properties of the place prevent him from settling down into a life of ease in his beautiful house. A librarian clad in black appears who claims to have not only known his father but his ancestors long before him. He leads our young adventurer into the little-expl...
This is a rich young man who finds out that his family isn't all what it appears to be and gets wisked off to anouther world. He goes through many adventures and has many close calls and meets many wonderful people. It is a work that is one of the greats in 19 century fantasy, it inspired CS Lewis in particular....
The Princess and Curdie
Following on from 'The Princess and the Goblin', Curdie the poor miner, is called on a quest by the Guardian in the Tower. He is to meet and deal with what he finds in the king's capital city, and is given a most unusual magical power to help him in this task - but he may never use the power in self-interest. Along the way the ugliest and most fearful of monster-companions help him, and the final great battle where they stand alone is decisive. A great a...

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The Princess and The Goblin
Young Princess Irene is kept in ignorance of the ghastly goblins that live under the mountains--neither she nor any of the castle staff are allowed out after dark. But when she and her nurse Lootie accidentally stays out so late, a hideous creature chases them and nearly catches them. Because of that, Irene meets the young miner boy, Curdie, who knows the weaknesses of the goblins. After her narrow escape, Irene is drawn up into abandoned parts of the c...

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