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A Firing Offense (Thriller/Action)
Nick Stefanos isn't in the business of finding missing people, but when the grandfather of a former stock boy at the company he works for asks him to find the kid, he agrees -- with dangerous results. Nick works for Nutty Nathan's, a low-rent electronics and appliance discount store in Washington, D.C. The missing kid is Jimmy Broda, who was rumored to have been fired for stealing a VCR from the warehouse. Nick begins his search for Jimmy by temporarily ...
A Firing Offense (Thriller/Action)
Right As Rain (Thriller/Action)
Little, Brown; Feb 2001; 24.95; 336 pp. ISBN: 0316695262 In Washington DC, Caucasian cop Terry Quinn sees a black man holding down a white man to the ground. Terry tells the individual to put down his gun, but instead the culprit points the weapon at the police officer. Terry reacts and kills the assailant. It surfaces later that the dead man was a cop in civilian clothes and the person he held to the ground claimed police brutality. ...
Right as Rain (Thriller/Action)
A colored cop in civil clothes, Christopher Wilson was shot on the street in a confusing situation by a white collegue. Wilson's mom contacts private investigator Derek Strange to clear his son's name when the record shows that Wilsons was drunk and disorderly. Terry Quinn, the cop who shot Wilson, has left the job and is now working in a bookstore. He wonders why Wilson pointed a gun at a innocent civillian. Why didn't he identify himself when Quinn ...

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Soul Circus
Little, Brown, Feb 2003, 24.95, 341 pp. ISBN: 0316608432 The case against drug dealer Granville Oliver is so tight that state execution is a sure shot especially since his deputy Philip Wood testified against him. Desperate, Granville's attorney hire DC private investigator Derek Strange to coax Wood's former girlfriend Devra Stokes, who once filed a brutality complaint against him, to testify so she can destroy his credibility leading to life ...

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