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The Dogs Who Came To Stay (Literature)
The Dogs who Came to Stay is a true account of two Princeton Professors and their relationship with a black a tan stray dog. The dog came into there backyard to hide and have her pups, little did the two professors know that the mother Lupa along with her pup Remus, would become such a big part of there lives. This book dealt with animal behavior, love, human behavior toward animals, importance of animals to humans, devotion, trust, loyalty, and most i...
The Dogs Who Came to Stay (Biography)
This is a true tale of a stray wild dog, who looking for a place to have her imminent brood of pups, takes up residence under the shed of two middle-aged batchelor academics at Princeton. They slowly befriend her and coax her to trust them and take food for the pups. Despite their busy lives she is greatly loved, and she and one of her pups become very much part of the family. The story is told very simply and lovingly. They have some entertaining experi...