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A Clash Of Kings - A Song of Ice And Fire 2
George R.R. Martin's series continues with an expansion on the war in the Seven Kingdoms and the scenarios taking place in the East and the North. George R.R. Martin's second installment in the “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series picks up where “A Game Of Thrones” left off and turns its focus to the ongoing war taking place in the continent of Westeros. As the heir to Winterfell and the North, Robb Stark tries to secure an alliance with House Greyjoy but the...
A Game of Thrones
The noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms interrupt civility with politics and an urge to claim the Iron Throne. Based in a past realm, "A Game Of Thrones" focuses on the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms Of Westeros which are enduring a civil war to claim the King's throne. The first installment of George R. R. Martin's "A Song Of Ice And Fire" series retells eight different journeys which hold ties to loyalty, pride, and power, and forge unspeakable sign...
A Storm of Swords
Martin has transport us back to Seven Kingdoms, a beautiful land torn with brutal warfare, sinister intrigues and terrible dark magic. Three kings still struggle for power: King Joffey, a spoil and cruel boy who holds the irone throne, King Robb of the north and King Stannis. All scheming and struggles for power will come to naught because barbaric wildings are planning to overrun the kingdom and most terrifying of all an army of the undead are po...
Clash of Kings
In this book you have four people competing to be king of a kngdom known as the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. All feel they are intitled to the throne and are at war over the idea . The book brings into play their lives and the lives that the war touches and gives great narrative of these accounts....

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The Sandkings
One of the best sf short stories I have read, ex-college jounalism instructor George R.R. Martin proves with 'The Sandkings' that teachers of writing can do as well as teach. He won the Nebula Best Novelette of 1979 with this work, and it has been anthologised by sf doyen Frank Herbert (Nebula Winners 15). A powerful tale, it has been admired by top writers in the genre for its effectiveness and economical technique. This dark morality play has an unf...

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