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Parsifal's Page
Piers is a son of a blacksmith and a retired lady in waiting. A man comes by his fathers shop and Piers begs to be his page. The man accepts, and takes Piers to Camelot, where he insults the king the day he arrives. Another man, who also wants to be a knight finds out, and goes to challenge and kill the man. Piers then asks to be his page. He also accepts. They both go out to do a great deed, so that Parsifal can become a knight. First they happen al...
The Balllad of Sir Dinadan
Dindan is not good at any of the knightly acts. He can't fight or quest, and his favorite thing to do is play the lyre. His dad gets so upset, that he knights Dindan and sends him away. Dindan goes to Camelot, and on the way he meets Culloch, a very stupid man wanting to be a knight, and together they go to Camelot, Dindan making a name for himself as a minstrel on the way. When they get to Camelot, Sir Kai and Sir Bedeviere, two very well known ...
The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf
Lynet lives in a castle with her sister and her uncle, where he is controlled by a knight who wants to marry her sister. This knight kills everyone who tries to save her to prove his worth, so one day Lynet runs away to get help. She finds a dwarf named Roger who directs her to Camelot where she asks for assistance. King Arthur would be happy to, except she refuses to tell him her name, so all he will offer is a kitchen boy who also won't reveal hi...
The Squire's Tale
Terence is a young, peaceful, orphan, who lives with an old hermit. A young man planning to be a knight happens by the hermits house, and accepts Terence as his squire. Gawain and Terence travel to Camelot so that Gawain can request to be knighted by King Arthur. On the way there, they meet Tor, another young man hoping to be a knight. When they get to Camelot, King Arthur knights Gawain, but not Tor, because he has yet to do a great deed. Dur...

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