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March, a chaplain and father living in Concord at the time of the Civil War, enlists on a whim, while touched by the young enlisted in his town preparing to leave. Attached to an infantry as chaplain, his duties encompass far more than administering comfort to the dying in the field. He is caught in the middle of fierce battles where he is called upon to save lives sometimes directly and other times as assistant to the medical staff. Early in the stor...
Year of Wonders
Anna Frith is a young widow of eighteen. Her husband, Sam, died in a mining accident. When her lodger, George Viccars, mysteriously dies of the plague, Anna does not heed his warnings to burn his items and the Plague spreads through the village. Soon enough Anna's own children die from Plague. Anna is left in a state of depression, relying on special herbs to make her sleep. When all seems lost for her, she finds a deep friendship with Elinor, the lady ...