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Forty Words For Sorrow
Putnam, Jun 2001, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0399147527 Near Algonquin Bay, Canada, Katie Pine and Todd Curry vanish into thin air at different times. Detective John Cardinal felt that the same person killed both missing people. His efforts to persuade his superior that a killer is on the loose fail. Frustrated with John's insistence that the teens are not runaways but victims, the brass transfers him to burglary until someone finds the remains ...
The Delicate Storm
During an unusual warm spot in Algonquin Bay, Canada, a body is discovered. Detectives Cardinal and Lise Delorme take over the case and are forced to work with Mounties and intelligence agencies. Then another body is found. A young doctor was found naked in the ice, with a staged rape being evident. The only link between the two is a little bit of blood. Cardinal and Delorme set out to uncovered the identity of the murder, but when they learn abou...