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Dark Places
When she was a child, Libby escaped a massacre in her own home, in which both of her sisters and her mother were killed. Her brother was convicted of the murders as Libby testified against him and sentenced to life in prison. Libby has no contact with her brother, is quite challenged and lives off of money people gave to help her when the case was popular. She is informed that money is almost over and begins to think what to do to get it back. She meets ...
Gone Girl
Nick and Amy seem like an ideal married couple. Amy is the quintessential perfect woman, beautiful, smart, and from an upstanding family. Nick, is a ruggedly charming ex-writer. Both are in love but things unravel when they become unemployed and leave New York City to move back to Nick's hometown in the mid-west. Nick owns a bar with his sister and Amy becomes a housewife. Soon, the resentment and bitterness creep up on them. Tempers flare. Fights pervad...
Sharp Objects
The story is about young Camille Preaker, a journalist from Chicago. She is sent by her boss to her estranged family in the South to investigate the murder of a young girl as well as the disappearance of another child. The killer has not been found yet. Camille has severe mental problems and had completed a stay in the mental hospital prior to returning to her job. Her problems include depression as well as severe self-harming. Camille's younger s...