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Adam and Evil
In another of the series of Philadelphia-based Amanda Pepper novels, Gillian Roberts once again provides a reader with a fast-moving story that keeps enthusiasm high, without doses of unnecessary violence or gore. It is a relatively short-read (gripping in parts) about Miss Pepper's adventures with her students, sister, and beau (who happens to be on of Philadelphia's finest)as she tries to help clear her student from erroneous suspicion while figuring ...
Caught Dead In Philadelphia
Amanda Pepper is a thirty-year-old unmarried English teacher and also an amateur detective. Amanda is visited at her house before school by Liza Nichols who wants to take a nap after being up all night for some unexplained reason. Liza is a part-time dramatics coach at Philly Prep and her first class is not until early afternoon. When Liza fails to show for her class, Amanda returns home to find her murdered. During the next few days Amanda is hounded b...
Claire and Present Danger
Ballantine, Jun 2003, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0345454901 After ten novels, Amanda Pepper and former cop C.K. Mackenzie are finally engaged. Both work part time as private detectives while C.K. completes a Ph.D. in criminology and Amanda teaches in a Philadelphia high school. Amanda meets with new client, upper crust Claire Fairchild, who is concerned that her darling son Leo is marrying beneath their station. She demands that the sleuths investig...
Helen hath no Fury
Another in the Amanda Pepper series of Gillian Roberts' Philadelphia-based novels. This was a great book for a vacation or sitting poolside. It is not too "heavy" and is not bogged down with tomes of specifics of technological entities or gore. It is a fast read about a group of acquaintences who share a fondness for literature, and are in a book group. Amanda, a teacher for Philly Prep, finds herself trying to find out why one of her club-ma...

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Till The End of Tom
Ballantine, Nov 2004, 22.95, 244 pp. ISBN 0345454928 When Philly Prep teacher Amanda Pepper ducks out of the headmaster's speech in the auditorium she finds a man lying comatose on the bottom of the marble stairs. He dies en route to the hospital; Amanda thinks he was murdered because he fell backwards and has an injury to his cheek. She learns that the victim, Tomas Severin, wanted to hire her services as a private detective to investigate thr...

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