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Angry Lead Skies
Roc, Apr 2002, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0451458753 On TunFaire, Playmate visits private detective Garrett in order for the sleuth to protect a kid Cypres “Kip” Prose from abduction attempts. Apparently thugs hired by bounty hunter Bic Gonlitt are to snatch the kid so that his clients can use Kip to find his weird pals Lastyr and Noodles. Kip offers very little in terms of what is happening and even Dead Man with his multiple minds has trouble un...
Shadows Linger - The Black Company
Shadows Linger is the second book in a fantasy series by Glen Cook. It details the further exploits of the Black Company, a centuries-old band of mercenaries in the employ of the Lady, the ruler of a vast empire. The book alternates between two separate stories that eventually merge together. In one, the Black Company continues crushing the Rebels in its usual, ruthlessly effective way. Then, it is sent all the way across the empire to deal with a ne...
Sweet Silver Blues
This is the first novel in Glen Cook's Garrett P.I. fantasy series. Garrett is a lazy human private investigator in his 30s in the city of Tunfaire, part of the kingdom of Karenta. Tunfaire is home to just about every fantasy species imaginable - elves, dwarves, trolls, fairies, giants, etc., and every possible combination of half-breed - but humans comprise the majority, and the rulers are human. One day, Willard Tate, a wealthy shoemaker, asks hi...
The Black Company
The Black Company, an army of mercenaries which has existed for thousands of years, is coerced into the service of the Lady, a mysterious being that rules a vast empire threatened by a Rebellion. Croaker, the company's doctor and current chronicler, narrates the bloody adventures and battles that the Company engages in. Gradually, he learns that the Lady, and her ten enslaved, immortal sorcerers, may not be as evil as he previously believed, and learns...

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The White Rose
A sorceress/empress makes an uneasy alliance with one enemy to face a greater threat to both. The White Rose concludes the first trilogy about Glen Cook's Black Company (many more books follow). Darling, the reincarnation of the White Rose, leads the rebellion against the Lady's empire. Darling is a magical null point: active magic will not work within a region around her, though any spells already in place are not affected. The mercenary outfit the B...

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