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Prince Of Time
Bantam, Dec 2000, 23.95, 333 pp. ISBN: 0553103946 To survive in this world that is almost a thousand years ahead of his birth year, accidental time traveler Morgan ab Kynan turns to thievery. In this highly advanced Technological environment, Morgan is quite good at his chosen occupation, which allows him to more than survive. He leads a small gang of felons. However, his latest booty, a statue of a golden dragon brings Morgan to th...
River Of Eden
Bantam, Fen 2002, 6.50, 342 pp. ISBN: 055358393X Dr. Annie Parrish of the River Basin Coalition hurriedly needs to leave Manaus, Brazil, but her transportation has broken down. Desperate to get out of town before Vargas, who once imprisoned and tortured her, learns she is there, she searches all the dives until she finds Harvard trained ethnobotanist Will Sanchez Travers sexily dancing with a local. She asks Will if she can join his ship he...