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Love and Death in Brooklyn
Putnam, Jul 2004, 23.95, 310 pp. ISBN: 0399151974 Several years have passed since the “friendly fire” bust nearly cost former NYPD African-American Officer Blades Overstreet his life. He became so acrimonious in his thirst for vengeance his beloved wife Anais fled across the country to California. His friend Noah helped Blades release some of his anger, but what helped most was winning his lawsuit against the NYPD last year for 2.5 million and...
Too Beautiful to Die
Blades Overstreet, a black ex-NYPD cop obligates himself to a gorgeous soap star, appropriately named Precious, as a favor to Jimmy Lucas, the man who had saved his life. Precious wants to know the identity of her father and someone is willing to tell her who he is for $50,000, so Blades offers his protective services to assist her with this transaction. When they both find their contact, who unbeknownst to them is an ex-FBI agent, dead in his apartment,...