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In 1770 parson Obadiah Demurral, inhabits the old vicarage just outside the Bagtown village, near the fishing town of Whitby on the east coast of England. This fast and furious tale has things that lurk in the woods, creatures from other worlds, pirates, smugglers, excise men and soldiers, breathless chases, and exciting swords and sorcery. If you like Harry Potter stories, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Alan Garner, or even Charles Williams and Frank Peretti, you...
The year is 1756 and Dr. Sabian Blake, a rich and privileged member of London society, is studying the night skies with his telescope looking for the scientific discovery of a lifetime. The sign he seeks is called Wormwood, a giant comet long foretold in a book called the Nemorensis. But Blake is as far from understanding the full details of his extraordinary book as he is its ancient origins and true purpose. As far as he can tell, the name of the comet...