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George Horton was handsome and wealthy, and he had all but swept lovely Amorelle Dean off her feet with his unexpected marriage proposal. Amorelle accepted, but as time passed she became more and more doubtful. George really didn't seem to care for her thoughts, beliefs, or intermost feelings. How could they be happy? Then, as if in answer to her prayers for guidance, Amorelle unexpectedly found herself sharing a wonderful day with another man. A man...
This story follows Patrica Prentiss as she grows up with constant conflict between her parents. Her mother wishes her to follow the path of the rich and spoiled, while her father tries to guide her into being real. There is a rich, spoiled young man chasing her continually, while a strong, dependable yet dignified man is always there waiting... watching... protecting and loving from afar. ...
College student Cornelia Copley is called home just before commencement to care for her sick mother. When she arrives home, she is stunned to learn her family has moved from their comfortable home to a plain, frame house with threadbare furnishings. She also learns that her family has scrimped and sacrified to keep her in college. Cornelia bravely assumes the new role of caregiver and homemaker. She struggles with her desire for a brighter, broader wo...
Where Two Ways Met
Paige Madison returns home from fighting in WWII and secures a job at a successful mortgage business. He dislikes having to foreclose the mortgages on people's homes in this new business, and suspects that his boss is not playing fair. His boss's worldy daughter, Reva, is a popular beauty, and she sets her mind on winning over Paige, which is an annoyance to Paige. The new minister's daughter, June, is the opposite of Reva (except that she's ...

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